Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Wake or Not To Wake...???

I have been thinking lately that I have to change things up a little and talk about something else. My something else is Shakespeare. I love William Shakespeare. Not to the extent that I am going to name my small dog after him or anything like that. No! I just enjoy the plays. They don’t leave you with that feeling of...

WHAT! What about that guy? WAIT A MINUTE ITS OVER?

No, all questions are answered. Its all put away in a nice little package. No matter it be dramatic, romance or comedic. Everything is tide together and closes nicely, or rather in most cases sadly that is unless you are dealing with his comedies, which is when the villain gets his uppins and is taken away for be such a villain. That still stands even during this modern time with movies and bad actors terrible lighting.

Thats what I believe I want to explore. Modern take on his plays. This entry now, is only a introduction to what I would like to write. So this is going to be my series, my first series of writings. Where is doesn’t consists of posy-its and little note made everywhere and then lead to nothing and gets either filed away and never thought of again, which gets done a lot as I have just discovered as I have cleaned out my desk.

A little cleaning before school starts. I found all my missing pens and mass amounts of note books and the diary I forgot all about that mainly has mention of one person...

Anyway. I have not decided yet in which order I am going to start, I just know that I am going to be taking a play or a few actually and go over them. So it might be and rather it is the way I am already leaning clearly, the genres.

Which one I start with is going to be a surprise to me and to you!

Look forward to writing and it such a good reason to start such a task weeks before heading back into school? Actually its brilliant, as I have come to realize my brain has been on summer vacation without me and needs to have a wake-up call. So this is me waking up before class starts. Should be very interesting.


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