Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gchi miigwech

I am thankful for the people who have come into my life. I enjoy having them in my life. Not only do they accept my complete silence, sometimes overbearing shyness, even my out of nowhere attitude that I can show when I’m frustrated with you and about to give up. Sometimes I think they understand me more then I can fully understand myself. They get it when I can’t finish a sentence. Words meshing and fumbling together before they can even find their way to my mouth.

I’m thankful for them and love them fully. Right off the bat. However I like anyone who can make me smile! (so it's not that hard to get my love.)

So that might seem like it came out of nowhere. Not entirely. If your on Twitter and follow the lovely Tinsel Korey you would have seen one of her tweets. It was about being thankful. How we never say thank you enough. It was mainly for the things that we do have. Friends, family the love they give. Air, life, everything that surrounds us, a roof over our heads. Food to eat, clean water to drink. That one person who you can count on to hold your hand. A warm hug. A hug in general. A gentle kiss. Advice. Good conversation. Naps. Not just concentrating on what we don’t have. Just being thankful.

I’m reading a little more into what she had tweeted. It was only a 160 character tweet (all they can give) but she was right I don’t say thank you enough, I might not be as thankful or show how much I am, really am. I mean to, but because I hardly talk outside of my people I barely say it. However today I couldn’t help it, I would say thank you as much as I could. To anyone and everyone. With a smile as well.

I am very glad to have someone back in my life sooner then later. She helped me this morning with a certain someone who had upset me first thing in the morning. She gave me a smoke (I know bad, I had three today, but thats all, no more smoking today) and we went outside and talked about what was bothering me. About how this person can get so far under my skin that my whole body can shake and want to explode in uncontrollable outburst of anger. I’m happy that she came back into my life. I’m thankful for the person that she is, because I would not have had that smile today. Thank You Beautiful Strong N!

Gchi miigwech ggii bi mzindooyek (Thank you very much for listening to me)


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