Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few short hours of sleep later....

I knew that today was going to be a hard day but to have it start this early I am not too happy about it. Then again on a Saturday when, no how long has it been since I have been up this early (8am BTW) when work wasn’t involved and just good times lay ahead. (psst, not really going to be that hard of a day)

Mmm pancakes ---> long story

Well maybe as good as times can get. Its the Scottish Festival today which is always good times. Yum! Slightly bad beer, bag pipes and the chance to catch wind of testicles or the other bit. I’m just saying it could happen, kilts hello and it look like a windy day out there. So I might just have to advert my eyes, or pretend I see nothing. With this face :o mouthing the words “oh dear” slapping the closes person to me, even if its my mother. Please God don’t let it be my mother. All the while slapping the person in attention I’m shouting to them to get my camera I have to take a picture of how shadowy this day is.

No judge. Not now when you know very well you would be doing the same thing. Admit it, you’ll feel better.

Anyway. With that out of the way I can maybe talk about something else.

Well about the pancakes I just want some. Perhaps ones that I haven’t made, I would love it if they were, actually, edible. I did make some the other week that were just the greatest. In my standards in the way of how I cook pancakes. Sometimes they can be like rubber, another time they were foolish, they played a trick on me. They looked like they were done, they weren’t. Pure batter in the middle.

The last time I made them they were perfect (and think me making them) I think it was because I was happy. I was just having a good time dancing around my kitchen singing, talking with someone, laughing. It was fun. I have to say that I’m a good cook when I’m happy.

Let me try to explain, I use to be great at cooking when I’m mad like right pissed off. Master piece, that I have cooked up for my brother. It was like because I’m so mad I somehow became more aware of things. But since I don’t when it happened really, it switched. When I’m laughing, having that good time I notice things, can feel when that pancake really needs to be flipped (no matter what you tell me its not when it starts to bubble)

I don’t know what it is but I’m happy, I’m smiling more. Even when crotch b-words and terrible child-like-men get under my skin I’m happy. I can smile and move on. I mean I can make pancakes. I still can’t look at my ex-type with out getting the shakes but hey I’m sadly in love with him. So it’ll take time.

I can make pancakes, next challenge is rice. I make the worse rice out there. Its something that is going to take time and effort. Oh and bags and bags and bags of rice. Okay maybe a cup at a time I’ll make.

I also am going to share now, because I might be making the video today or sometime this weekend but I am going to make a video on how to make bannock, scone, nishbread, frybread whatever you want to call it. Well I want to learn myself to make it and I also want to make taco’s, Indian Taco’s which are OH-MY-GOD so good.

The reason for wanting to do that is I was inspired by JJ, the little brother I would have if I already didn’t have a boss baby bro. Well he was drunk one night and was talking about food he likes, I was naming the ones that I like, mainly pow-wow food and he was all like what’s that. I would should him pictures and he said he’d like to try. I thought it was DrunkJJ humoring me. No the next night he was like okay so I tried that...I was surprised so I am going to make a video on how to make this so he can at least do his best to make. As well as anyone else who might want to make. My self included.


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