Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello Welcome

So this is my new blog. I might be a little bad at this. I am terrible at keeping up with my dairies, yes I have multiple unfinished dairies. For some of them I am more then likely not even at the half way point. However that may be I am going to do my best at keeping up with this blog and my vlog as well.

So moving onto what I am really here for. I live completely in my head. Everyone I know and have met, say I am so quiet and secretive. Not at all I am just thinking. Sometimes by the time it can get any where near close to my mouth it is gone and I end up just looking crazy. Or just that girl who looks like she has something to say but never really does. If you know someone like that then you know they can be rather fun and have bouts of witty conversation and can sometimes be a complete ass-face because they could not control their motor mouth function.

I realize even if you haven’t and I feel that I might get a number of comments about it no matter when or whatever say it. I know that the title of this blog should read ROLLER-COASTER ADVENTURE OF A NATIVE WOMAN and not have the n with the a but what can I say I have the tendency of not checking my writing before I click the send or post. Oh and It was originally going to be call THE ROLLER-COASTER ADVENTURE OF AN EMOTIONAL WOMAN but then I thought, no. Going in the much approachable title. So you can just leave me alone. Suck it up! I have to deal and there for so well you.

I have no set topic for what it is I am going to talking about in this blog, but I know that I well keep up with it and enjoy the writing adventure I am going to be going on, hopefully with someone if not I’m more then happy to get some of what going on up in my head out.

Possibly I could even take on the challenge of no more smoking, getting back in the gym, going to school and sharing my knowledge or even movie reviews or the book that I am reading at the time. Idea why not all of them with the slight exception of the smoking. Sure one day I would like to not be a smoker any more but I’m not ready for that and I am a firm believer in being ready for a challenge.

I hope that fine...I have no idea how to end, I’ll come up with something. :D

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