Sunday, July 25, 2010

Really, really? You can't ...

It was a wild week. Long but still short. It started with Monday going to work. The vibe in the office was completely off and uncomfortable. I honestly didn’t think anything of it because I wasn’t there to witness what had gone on. Well yeah it was more then I can share.

I’m just going to say that it’s a house full of women. Its a house full of women who have already lined up. Yeah time of the months totally together. So long as I know where I stand with these women, I’m good. I’m friends with all of them. But one, she tells me what to do and I am shadowing her. So she is my boss type lady...I mean supervisor. I’m keeping her that way because I am not going to change her to friend again I can’t do that.

There has to be balance there. I’m going to set that balance and let that be. She has to understand that we can’t be friends. As for the other ones, yes I can because well they are pretty much in the same boat as me.

They might be a little more comfortable with her then myself, but I have drawn that line and its just not going to change. Possibly even after I have lefts the place its still going to be the same. I won’t be the same with her as I well be with the others. Its just how that cookie is going to crumble.

Where I was going with this entry was, I didn’t go to work Friday, because I didn’t agree with how she was handling herself. I mean she was fine and I understand that their place was closed, but I mean what’s wrong with networking. Getting your name out there and talk directly to the people.

I am sending flyers to different places. When I’m gone they are going to have to start doing that. They are going to want to know there names and faces. I don’t know it was just upsetting that they could not just take time out it would have taken minutes then they could have gone for their own lunch...even though that office had provided a very delicious lunch. It don’t make sense to me to pass that up. The comfort of that office they go to a lot of work give that comfort and warmth.

Oh well, their lost. Laughs and food were had and they missed out.

The funny thing to is that I knew something like that was going to happen. I knew that they or one of them would be uncomfortable I just thought that it would be N and not the actual one who should be getting the name out there. I was worried, I didn't sleep the night before. With just cause I can see. Well as much as I enjoy the house and just the office in general I don't think I would recommend this as a placement to anyone. Then again they are new to the positions. We're all learning how to do new things.

I guess that was my bad then.

:D ... :/

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