Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a real crotch

I understand “mean” I get when its called for it, and it is never really called for. I just don’t understand when it comes completely out of nowhere. Like out of the blue mean bitchy nonsense. No need for that.

I had gotten a tweet from an account I could have hidden better, but as it is I don’t know. This compulsion to share in my love of all things me. So any how about this tweet, well it wasn’t that bad. Now that I think about. No even when it first popped up on my screen (I use TweetDeck, and have my mentions and DM on notification.) I was like who the bloody hell is this. I thought that it was one of those tweets that advertise silly promotions. Nope not this time. This time I could see the callus black meanness behind this tweet.

Callus and black might be a little harsh, but this girl is no angel. Its not the first time she has come after me. In fact its the whole reason I have another account so that I was free to say what the hell I wanted to. As it is we follow a lot of the same people (same awesome people) so it was really only a matter of time before she was going to find me and try and hurt me.

Alright so I know I have a problem with my poor poor face, I’ve been having troubles with balancing out my body and my face is paying the price. (I blame trying to become a vegetarian, not really though.) I know that I have the bloody acne scars but you know what thats my problem and I have accepted that they may or may not go away. Dear God I would love for them to go away and be no more.

10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

I had two smokes. That is all I am going to have today I well fight anyone who say any different.

It was just uncalled for and a little upsetting but not as upsetting as it would have been had I not been completely happy and over joyed about another conversation I had with a friend. Plus the fact that another friend of mine who I actually think of as a little brother, mainly because he is all of my brothers even the in-law rolled into one. The perfect little brother, if I already didn’t have a little brother who was boss.

Yeah JJ made everything better as he always does. Being the good guy that he is and caring for his friends. Anyway, so after I had a few good laughs about the comments made towards this terrible girl I let it go. I smiled and started to love the flaws in my face again. (well as much as I can.) Mind you it never takes me long to not not enjoy my loveliness.

The only thing that I am really hanging onto is the fact it came out of nowhere and she went out of her way to find my other account so that she can basically attack me because .... Well I guess just because she could. There is no other meaning behind it then that. Maybe she had a bad day and needed to take it out on someone. Maybe she is so sexually frustrated that she had to beat it out.

However with all this good will and blah, I have to admit if she had said it to me in person, I would have yelled at her possibly even hit her. I’m sorry but no one attacks the way I look. When clearly she can’t say anything to me. With how she looks. Oops sorry.


This morning on the way to work I thought about it thinking about what I would have said to her (I vent and dwell for a while). So what I came up with was. “If you attack me again unprovoked I’ll be more then happy taking a hit out on you and I won’t give a flying fuck about the payment I’d have to make. Even if I have to fix the son up, so his mama doesn’t have to see him like that.”

Clearly that wouldn’t fly mainly because of the fact that I would never tell a lie like that and I would never take a hit out on someone no matter the pain they caused me. Plus reading it now sounds really lame. What can I say, this was a nothing matter and it well never amount to anything. Even when I go down to Miami, or just the Florida area. (I got plans. Not for vengeance or anything I mean I plan on going to Florida. That is an entirely different topic.)

Sorry it was a long one this time. Forgive!


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