Thursday, July 29, 2010

Losing IT

Alright I was asking around work about what I should write about next. My supervisors had mentioned water. Okay. As a Native woman I should know more about water. However as great of an idea that is, right now that is more research then I care to chew on. Anyway when would I find the time to gather this information. Okay so honestly if I wanted to I would. I mean I just made a video and edited tonight ... Last night. About tacos. How to make Indian Taco’s. Blog to come later. I’ll make time to write about water, just not right now.

Another suggestion that my supervisor had mentioned was laughing...alright because I had like 4 Iced-Caps I was a little out of it. Laughing like a silly laugher of everything. What she had really suggested was “hey has anyone ever gotten drunk off of Iced-Caps.” I laughed so hard that basically my boss was looking and giggling to herself what is really in those things wink, wink. Just laughing. It actually didn’t hit me till 4...5am as in morning, to write about laughing.

I mean laughing is great for you. It can open you up. It lets in the light. Laughter is literally the best medicine out there. I have already kind of did a vlog about laughing. Well of sorts. That is just another long story you’d just have to watch it.

A few weeks ago my mother sent me a video with this bear dancing. Not a dancing bear that would be terrible. The bear actually has an itch on the back and he’s rubbing himself on the tree and it looks like he’s “pole” dancing. It makes me laugh just as hard as when I first watched it. With that being said I have watched it more then I really should have.

I’m bear clan and I love bears, they make me happy. So when I watch this video it kills me every time. Now thats a bear in the wild.

I actually thought that I would talk more about laughing then this....Maybe it was just some late night slash very early morning gibber. I was a little out of it last night. The day before. Today. Okay so it’s been a very weird week for me. Losing my mind has been a joyous week...year. My entire life. For real though I have to say that I have been having a blast.

When I say that I laugh at everything I am honestly laughing at everything. It might hurt you but hey I’m having a good time. I’m sorry did you just get burned by that persons words, excuse me while I LOL over here. LMAO, what, she said hello. That is just an hour starting work. The real crazy comes around after I finish my coffee.

Its the reason I don’t judge anyone. I try not to judge anyone. I’ll laugh and snort, but as far as you know its not at you...with you.

I’m starting to sound like a real bitch, I’m not really. I’m just completely vain. I’m the nicest person that I can be until you cross me and then its all hands down I’ll no longer like you.

This blog is really starting to take a weird turn. My whole thing was to tell a few funny stories and share the gift of laughter. Oops that is my bad.


Adding a bit more to this....

10 reasons you should laugh more

Suffering from to much seriousness? Everyone can benefit from a bit more levity. Laughter transcends age, physical limitations an health staus and even has the following health benefits.

  1. Strengthens the immune system. A study found that laughter elevates white blood cell counts and increases antibody levels
  2. Reduces pain. The endorphins released in your brain when you giggle are the body’s natural painkillers
  3. Controls high blood pressure. Laughter has been shown to limit the release of stress hormones. In healthy individuals, a 10 minute chuckle can reduce blood pressure by up to 16 percent, so little laughter can make a big difference.
  4. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Laughter is linked to improved blood vessels and heart health.
  5. Eases depressions. Laughter can cheer you up and help you get a better nights sleep.
  6. Relieves stess. Giggles reduces levels of stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine in the body.
  7. Acts like a min-facelift. Twittering tones facial muscles adn increases blood flow, nourishing the skin for a more youthful glow.
  8. Makes a good exercise. Research revels that one minute of laughing is as effective at getting your heart rate up as 10 minutes on a rowing machine. And if you can sustain a chuckle for ten minutes, you’ll burn 50 calories.
  9. Alleviates bronchitis and asthma. Frequent fits of laughter can improve lung capacity and increase blood oxygen levels.
  10. Makes you feel good. The endorphins released when you laugh - the same ones that flood your brain when you’re in love - boost your mood.


  1. Great post.

    You didn't take a weird turn, I understand what you are saying. I get you. I believe laughter is the best medicine. Today, I felt like crying, today I felt like junk punching everyone. The last thing I wanted to do was laugh. But I forced myself to get out there, regardless how tired I was, how hurt my body was and laugh. And I'm better for it, I'm proud of myself for it.

    Often times laughter at the expense of others can lead to others laughing at themselves and not taking everything so seriously. It can lead to a happier world. And who doesn't want that.

  2. LOL! Love it! Awesome, awesome, awesome post!

  3. I know after I read it a few times I was weird turn. I was thinking I was writing something, but what I was doing was over thinking and not actually putting anything down.

    Thank you ladies for reading. It makes me happy to know someone is. LOL