Monday, July 26, 2010


Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can. - Unknown

Wolf Pack Boot Camp. An encouraging group of girls come together to complete their goal of looking even better then they look now. It could go on without mention, this could work. So far its only been a day. There well be another possibly update next week, either the Sunday or the Monday. (Depends seeing how the actual day I started was the Sunday and when I *snorts* writing this. So I’m reediting it, really I am.)

I even furthered *cough* tortured *cough* myself with pictures of an old family friend who is a model slash dancer slash tiny a hell. It really helped me out...I sent it to one of the girls and they all took a look and yeah I think it might have sacred them a little. Cause she is tiny. Sure not the best way to encourage each other but take in every aspect of this and that might work but hey whatever works. This week that is working.

The point to Wolf Pack Boot Camp is to encourage each other during this time. So far we’re good at this. LOL! {‘psst’ goes the voice in my head ‘its only been a day’}

Well Sunday I woke up and jumped right up to the gym. Then right afterwards I mean after a good cry, something happen at home that I didn’t understand. I got yelled at and a door slammed on my face for reasons that still escape me. I am however not going to dwell on it. Its not my problem to take her hurt and pain when I can’t fully deal with mine. It not fair that she take her anger out on me, just because I showed my face at the wrong time. Anyway she should know better.

Anyway back to the work out. I forgot how much I enjoyed that time to myself. Listening to which ever book I have on my iPod. Trying to not giggle to myself as something funny was said in my ears. Which is hard to do, right now I’m listening to “Youth in Revolt” by C.D. Payne. If you have seen the movie well the book is different fuller as most books are. Its funny, I find myself laughing more and then I’ll have to go back and listen to what I missed.

So I’ll listen to audio books, because that way I can still hear the music playing in the gym. Awesome. Win win. So Sunday I had hit every machine that my communities work out room gym could offer. Mistake! Today’s mistake. Stairs scare me today. Lifting that piece of paper looks like a lot of work. But I had fun and it was great. Because it was a Sunday there wasn’t anyone there. So I’m able to be all “class” and “lady like” while I’m working out...alright I don’t care most of the time anyway. Yesterday was a great reminder that I need to get back into this and work hard towards my goal. Which is to look and feel better then I do now!

After the work out I was going to go for a swim. My big brother and his wife have a pool. They were also going to feed me. Hello major love. -_- I had to wait an hour before I could eat. Now because I woke up and went right to the gym and had a good over worked work out I was starving. So I’m swimming to not think about how hungry I am.

It was hot out so I was grateful that they had invited the family over for a swim. BBQ hot dogs and burger. Hello yum! Also dangerous. I’m not going to lie I had a burger and two hotdogs. I was starving. I could not help but name all the bad food I was now craving. Chips. Popcorn (movie theater popcorn). Pizza. Coffee (which I had this morning :/ no worries stomach is paying for it right now.) Bloody big piece of cake.

So to subside the cravings I had a pop. Very bad! Then again the week before I had a RedBull. Redbull is my love and best friend. It’s only the first day, get off my back. Nah I’m doing good. Until dinner.

Meat loaf, yellow beans, and rice. Before that meal though I had gone for a walk which took me away for an hour. I took time out to visit with my grandparents. I said thank you to them for giving me the strength to face that person who yelled and slammed the door in my face. I even gave them a listen to the audio book. They would have liked it.

I miss the two of them. I love them very much.

So that dinner was good. Very yummy. I took small portions for myself. Which still left me full, then there was pie! PIE! I said small piece. Nope that was not go. Got a big one. -__- I guess that its alright to a point. I still did some sit-ups while True Blood was playing and then relaxed while doing my nails.

To say that I was productive Sunday is a little understatement. Today I am paying for it. Which means I’m just going to do a little yoga tonight after work.

Have only had three smokes since the last update. Been drinking green tea and water when I want a smoke. It really does seem to be working. Only I believe that my mother doesn’t believe me that I’m not smoking. Or she can’t remember, mainly because she keeps asking me if I have a smoke. NO!

Good little me!


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