Saturday, July 17, 2010

Insomnia, no talking bout ME!

A lot of the tweepol I follow on twitter suffer from insomnia. I don’t think I do, never checked it out like medically or anything but I have my major bouts of no sleep, complete lack of. More then one occasion I would find myself going to school on either 1 or no hours of sleep. It would make for an interesting day with the girls I would carpool with. Oh and for the walls as well. Doors. Glass windows. Stairs. A line on the floor. A blade of grass. My own feet. Breathing, thinking at the same time. Drinking. Talking. Laughing for crying out loud is the worse.

Mind you it really doesn’t take much to trip me. I could be thinking and crash into a wall. This coming from a girl who loves heels. It doesn’t help that my family has brittle bones either. I’m off topic.

So coming back to my subject, a little unclear and unfocused about what I was really trying to say. A lot of people I have on twitter are insomniacs, or suffer from some type of sleeping disorder. I noticed this when I was writing a paper on it a lot of people were talking to me about it and what they would do to pass the time. Clearly the more popular one was tweeting. Others would say writing, or watching late night movies, getting their fill of bad infomercials, even cleaning. One guy said he likes to work out.

My first thought was “oh my gosh, he must be completely ripped” because he is almost always up. I never asked because well first thing even on twitter I am still completely shy about certain subjects and do my best to not offend anyone. (despite what ever the bleeding hell I did to that crotch, hateful bitch)

I have yet again lost what I was going to talk about. I know it has something to do with insomnia and how there are just so many on twitter. You know it wouldn't be completely out of line to suggest that Twitter is the main cause of insomnia. I can’t go on personal experience though because I could never sleep even before my sister and her bestie told me about it.

Telling me that it’s perfect for me. Saying how much I’d update my status on Facebook. Yes I know this. I like letting people know how I’m doing...actually I more or less enjoy the sounds of my own voice. Right now I’m reading this out loud.

So I don’t know how this turned into a love letter to myself and how I’m clumsy walking into walls and forgetting how to do math in the next second.

I have even given up coffee (not Tim Horton’s Ice Caps I’ll never give them up.... during summer) to see if that is my main problem with the non sleeping. Its been a week and so far no it doesn’t seem that is the problem. However, taking in the fact that it has only been a week I’m doing pretty good. Still not a whole lot of this sleeping going on but so far so good.

And I am going to stop myself there before I start talking about what it is that I am going to do and wear tomorrow. BTW its almost 5 in the morning. Which should explain how this isn't running as smoothly.

ZERO SMOKES TODAY *happy dance*


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