Monday, July 19, 2010

um ... okay NO!

It was a long weekend. (had one smoke, possibly two, pretty sure it was one though) Then again it went by in a complete fast pace. That it took over my sleep and the ability to feed myself. I might have had one full meal since Friday right up too...I still haven’t actually eaten anything and I don’t think that I well until lunch. When I’ll ask my co-worker to get something to eat.

Then again I don’t think that well go over very well, I just found out somethings that I’m not going to share.

Anyway back to my weekend I had...okay starting first with the Friday. There was a bloody brown out twice I was not a happy camper. Mainly because my house was roasting me alive and going outside was not an option for me that day, the sun was hurting my eyes. I was just sick as a dog (which is silly because then I would have to go outside and eat some grass). So during this brown out I thought I’ll take one of my pain pills for my back. Passed out for I don’t know how long. Almost half the day.

So when I woke up I saw that my boss/supervisor had e-mailed me. I had asked for work to be given to me so that I wouldn’t feel so useless. Well that was my fail. Because of the brown out and my sleeping I could not get done what was asked of me and I felt kinda bad about that. That was until I started to talk with someone and everything was erased.

My back killing, the fact that I didn’t do what was asked of me. All of that. Gone because I was smiling again.

So Saturday. As you know I had plans that day and it never happened. My plans never happen, I think because they are my plans and yeah (what I can give myself some self pity if I want to). The only thing that went as planed was the party that night for my fathers step sisters birthday.

Needless to say that I got pissed drunk and went home early. I blame the jello shots that the girls are so in love with. With that being said, I sang my favorite song like ever, and called my fathers sister auntie and my father daddy. Okay first off NO! I have never called my father/dad daddy before and it was bloody weird that I would have just said it because I was drunk.

Yeah no more of that. I am not loving it. Well till my friends Jack and Jill, that is a must I know I’ll be drinking then. And its in two weeks so right now, no more drinking till then. I no need to drink.

Sunday I slept and waited to hear from someone and went over what had happened the night before. Well I got hit on by an old lady dating my cousin. So that was gross. She even kissed my neck. I’m getting the creeps now just thinking about it. Yeah no thank you old lady I’m good. Anyway I love the peen and all that comes with it.

Yes I am going to end it on that note, no no to the old lady love!!


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